Research Program at Kazakhstani Material Testing Tokamak (KTM) for 2018–2020 Approved on the Session of CIS Economic Council

06 March 2018

National Nuclear Center of RK is a responsible executor of the Program on behalf of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Earlier the Project of the Research Program on Kazakhstani Material Testing Tokamak (КТМ) for 2018–2020 was approved on the Session of Commission of the CIS member-states on the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, passed approval in governments of the CIS member-states, considered by the Committee on Economic Issues.

As explained by S.N. Lebedev, Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee: “This Program is a bright positive example of interaction in the sphere of high technologies within CIS. Work results upon the current program enables to create the basis for innovative power of the future – thermonuclear power engineering”.

Technological developments in the area of controlled thermonuclear fusion will open access for the states, participating in the Project, to new generation technologies of competitive high-technology products in nuclear power, as well as machine-building, power-generating and electro-physical equipment.


Токамак международное сотрудничество

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