Institute of Atomic Energy

Institute of Atomic Energy of National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan was found in 1993 on the basis of Joint Expedition SPA “Luch”. History of JE SPA “Luch” has been lasted since 1958; its founders were I.V. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy and Podolsk Scientific Research& Technology Institute. At that time Soviet Union started with the large-scale operations on creation of nuclear racket engine (NRE) for ballistic missiles and space rockets. The stand base JE “Luch”, including Complexes of research reactors IGR and “Baikal-1" was created for nuclear racket engine (NRE) testing and their prototypes and separate components developing on Semipalatinsk Test Site. Activities on the design programs’ of nuclear racket engine and later on nuclear power propulsion plants were fulfilled till 1989.

Current principal activities of Institute of Atomic Energy:

  • development of nuclear energetics in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • experimental researches on nuclear power safety;
  • experimental studies on structural materials for nuclear and thermonuclear engineering;
  • collaborative work in decommissioning of BN-350 Fast neutron reactor ;
  • participation into the Kazakhstan Material Thermonuclear Reactor KTM Project;
  • participation into the radwaste disposal operations.

The most meaningful outcomes were achieved during simulating and studying the processes, associated with certain stages of severe core meltdown accidents on NPP, performed jointly with Japanese Energy Companies and Scientific Research Organizations - Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation, Japan Nuclear Cycle Institute and Japan Atomic Power Corporation

One of the activities of the Institute of Atomic Energy NNC RK is participation in research in the field of reactor material testing, including support of the international ITER project. The work on the creation of Kazakhstan material-tokamak KTM in Kurchatov, whose main task is to study the new advanced structural materials for future fusion reactors are being completed. This facility may in future be the basis of an international research center for fusion research. One of Institute‘s long-term outlooks is the participation in International Project ITER along with SRIETF KazNU and Russian Scientific Centers. The efforts on creating Material Tokamak KTM in Kurchatov, which is intended to study new advanced structural materials for future thermonuclear reactors are being finished. In future this facility can laid the groundwork for International Scientific Thermonuclear Research Center.

Today Institute‘s staff is able to cope with the most intricate experimental problems using in-pile and out-of-pile test facilities. The major Institute activity is a participation in creation and development of nuclear power engineering in Kazakhstan. The Institute is aware of this fact that the solution of the large-scale problem on creation of nuclear-power energetics is possible only in wide cooperation both scientific and engineering recourses of various countries; therefore Institute of Atomic Energy invites to Cooperation all the interested native and foreign organizations.

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Baklanov Victor Vladimirovich

1-st deputy director of IAE

P: (722-51) 7-99-25

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Address: Krasnoarmeysaya st.10, Kurchatov 180010