Institute of Geophysical Research

The Institute was established upon the Resolution #1082 of Cabinet of Ministers, Republic of Kazakhstan dated 29.10.1993 at the geophysical observatory “Borovoye” and geophysical party #35. Basic scientific activity areas:

  1. nuclear weapon test monitoring;
  2. geophysical study and monitoring of geological structures at former nuclear test sites;
  3. geophysical research of sites for nuclear power plants, RW storage and repository;
  4. engineering-geological and geological prospecting work (at former test sites, during uranium mining, etc.).
  5. earthquakes recording and prediction;
  6. elaboration, improvement and introduction of technologies to obtain and process information, state of the art geophysical equipment and facilities.

The Institute of Geophysical Research has considerable scientific-technical and production infrastructure: 17 stationary stations (seismic, infrasound, magnetic), Data Center, telecommunication digital data collection network, including satellite communication channels and scientific-research laboratories.

The Institute is the only organization in the Republic of Kazakhstan providing implementation of scientific-technical obligations of the country under the key international Treaties and Agreements on nuclear safety and nuclear non-proliferation, such as:

Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) (1996, ratified in 2001);

Agreement on implementation of measures including post-certification measures at international monitoring sites to support CTBT (2004, ratified in 2007);

Executive agreement on “Installation and operation of seismic station for nuclear test monitoring in Kazakhstan” (1997, ratification of umbrella agreement in 2009);

Agreement between RK and RF on “Cooperation in nuclear weapon test monitoring and non-performance” (1994).

Besides, to support the above-mentioned documents, Agreement with corporation of USA seismic universities IRIS, Memorandum on scientific cooperation with Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (France) and Agreement on scientific cooperation with Norwegian center NORSAR are under implementation.

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Sergei Anatolyevich Berezin

Deputy Director General

P: +7 (722-51) 3-47-50

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