Liana Test Bench

Liana test bench is designed for studies of high temperature processes of hydrogen isotope mass-transfer in structure materials during irradiation at IVG.1M reactor.

Studies are conducted with the help of differential method of hydrogen permeability in the mode of continuous pump-down. Recording of partial pressure of hydrogen isotopes penetrating through the sample studied is performed with computerized program-technical complex basing on mass-spectrometer IPDO-1 built in systems of reactor complex registration.

Hydrogen permeability studies were performed using samples of stainless steel Cr18Ni10Ti, nickel, vanadium alloy V-4Cr-4Ti, copper alloy CuCrZr in IVG.1M reactor at fast neutron flux of 1013 n/cm2s, thermal neutron flux of 1014 n/cm2s, at temperature range 523-1023K and hydrogen input pressure of 10-2 - 106 Pa.

Technical Parameters

Temperature interval of investigation 500...1300 К
Hydrogen isotope pressure range at the inlet side of the sample 102...106Pa
Hydrogen isotope pressure range at the outlet side of the sample 10-4...10-7Pa