National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established and operated in accordance with the Decree of the President of RK as of May 15, 1992 No.779 “On the National Nuclear Center and Atomic Energy Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

NNC RK Mission - Scientific-technical support of Kazakhstani policy in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy.

Strategic NNC RK Activity Areas:

  1. Nuclear Power Development in Kazakhstan
  2. Development of CTF Technologies and Hydrogen Power
  3. Radiation Safety and Ecology in Kazakhstan
  4. Support of Non-Proliferation Regime and CTBT
  5. Information and Staff Support to Nuclear Industry

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Erlan Gadletovich Batyrbekov

Director General, RSE NNC RK, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

Phone number: +7 (722-51) 3-33-33


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Sergey Anatolyevich Berezin

Deputy Director General

P: +7 (722-51) 3-47-50


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Vladimir Anatolyevich Vityuk

Deputy Director General for Science

P: +7 (722-51) 3-33-33

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Sergey Sergeyevich Lokshtanov

Chief Engineer

P: +7 (722-51) 3-33-19