Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan

A Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan (NSK) was established in 1993 and consolidated organizations of nuclear science and industry in Kazakhstan. In June 2002, NSK was re-registered. NSK is a nonprofit organization established in the form of juridical person association. Vladimir S. Shkolnik, RK Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources is President of the Nuclear Society.

NSK’s goal is to enhance public awareness in the field of use of peaceful nuclear power for the development of country production potential and betterment of people’s well-being.

NSK’s tasks are as follows:

  • participate in formation of a national scientific-and-technical policy in the field of atomic power use;
  • participate in an expert evaluation of national and international programs and projects in this field;
  • arrange a wide information exchange on the issues concerning peaceful use of atomic power including relations with mass media;
  • work with public so that people have an objective idea of what the atomic power is;
  • development of international cooperation in the field of atomic power use.

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