IVG.1M Reactor

IVG.1M research reactor is an upgraded version of IVG.1 reactor used for tests of fuel assemblies (FA) and cores of high temperature gas-cooled reactors including nuclear jet propulsion (NJP) reactors and nuclear power propulsion plants (NPPP).

IVG.1M reactor can be used in tests providing solution of the following tasks:

  • testing of different type FA under operating conditions;
  • FA structure material reactor tests;
  • testing of FA structures and their elements;
  • study of possible accident conditions and testing of preventive measures.

Technical characteristics

Thermal power 72 MW
Core effective diameter 548 mm
Core height 800 mm
Uranium-235 content in the core 4,6 kg
Thermal neutron flux density 3,5×1014 n/cm2s
Water rate through the reactor up to 380 kg/s/td>
Maximum water temperature 95°С

The most important works conducted recently at the reactor are:

  • studies on ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) structure material interaction with hydrogen and its isotopes under reactor irradiation condition;
  • study of reactor radiation scattering in the atmosphere to validate safety of nuclear power.