IVG.1M Reactor

Within EAGLE-1 project at the NNC RK experimental base the activities on preparation and performance out-of-pile and in-pile experiments in justification of core structure of advanced sodium cooled fast reactor are accomplished. The principal goal of research is to confirm equipment operation capability, to preclude the re-critical configuration of fuel under core fuel melting accident in sodium cooled fast reactor. The research work is performed by NNC in collaboration with Japanese organizations JAPC and JAEA.

In experiments modeling the fuel melting accident, a possibility to transfer melt from core through inner tubes built in Fuel Assembly (FA) is prospected, as the result of which the possibility to form compact pool of melted fuel in core as well as possibility to form its critical configuration will be precluded. Currently, processing and analysis of experiment results is being continued. Moreover, it is arguable that unique experimental data are received used for modeling criteria specification and optimal construction developing of experimental channel for reactor experiments conduction