Participation in the 3rd Science Diplomacy Symposium

09 December 2022


Erlan Batyrbekov, Director General of RSE NNC RK participated in 3rd Science Diplomacy Symposium held from 6 to 9 December in Vienna International Center in Austria.

The objectives of the Symposium was to raise awareness and provide participants with opportunity to gain deeper understanding and appreciation of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization’s work in strengthening of peace and international safety, and science and technology to support verification regime.

The important issue was considered at the panel session, dedicated to development of multilingualism, where panellists discussed the matter in the context of CTBTO activity.

E. Batyrbekov presented a report sharing the experience gained in advancement of multilateralism in the Working Group B to CTBTO Preparatory Commission that contributes to effective multilateral approach in decision-making and determination of recommendations.

Minimization of any language barrier during technical discussions is essential since the Working Group B is focused on technical issues.

At the request of State Signatories, Expert Group meetings during sessions of Working Group B are to be provided with interpretation. The WGB actively uses ECS (Expert Communication System), where the videos of the 59th Session of WGB are available in all official languages.

Future sessions will also be recorded and stored in all official languages.

Taking into account that, in the technical context, implementing multilingual approaches pose various challenges, multilingualism has been included as an agenda item under the Task “Cross-Cutting Issues” for upcoming 60th Session of the Working Group B.

Working Group B will further explore ways in which to further improve and strengthen multilingualism in CTBTO.

In general, advancement of multilingualism in the work of Working Group B provides an opportunity for effective involvement to reach better outcomes in implementation of the tasks.




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