Participation in Forum “ATOMEXPO 2022”

05 December 2022



Sochi hosted "ATOMEXPO-2022" XII International Forum that was attended by specialists of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the round table “MFRR – Unique Platform for International Partnership”, NNC report on international cooperation in the field of nuclear energy was presented.

Moreover, on the margins of the Forum, with the support of Rosatom State Corporation and the BRICS International Energy Agency, a series of meetings focused on the development of the international youth community to promote “clean” energy and technology were held.

Summarizing the work of thematic groups: “Technologies of New Opportunities: How Innovations Can Change People’s Lives”, “Africa – Territory of Cooperation and Technological Development”, “Energy of Global South: BRICS Answers to Common Challenges” and “Youth Business Initiatives to Build Sustainable Future”, an experts from 15 countries developed initiative to attract talented young people from their countries to address issues of industrial, food and energy security.


международное сотрудничество Росатом молодые ученые и специалисты РГП НЯЦ РК атомная энергетика Российская Федерация Республика Казахстан «АТОМЭКСПО-2022» Международный форум