“Experimental Field” is placed under RK National Guard safeguarding

02 July 2021

The National Nuclear Center of RK had completed the procedure of the “Experimental Field” site handover to RK National Guard. Corresponding act was signed on June 29, 2021.

Erlan Batyrbekov, Director General of the National Nuclear Center:

- We can call it a historic event. In October 2020 we have finished one of the largest NNC RK’s projects to ensure safety at the “Experimental Field” site. Our cooperative efforts with USA organizations resulted in complete liquidation of hazard at some objects of the “Experimental Field” site, besides, we constructed physical barrier and security system elements at a number of objects. This year RK Government made a decision to include the “Experimental Field” site to the national guarded objects list. And today we officially hand it over to RK National Guard safeguarding. Therefore, at present time all objects, containing residues of nuclear activity and located at the “Experimental Field” area, are safe, guarded, cause no hazard.

For information, there were 116 air and ground nuclear explosions conducted at the “Experimental Field” site, including the first nuclear device test dated August 29, 1949. Prior to rehabilitation of the “Experimental Field”, within the period of five years NNC RK specialists performed researches: over 2 million of spectrometric measurements done, over 5000 samples collected and analyzed, over 1000 exploration boreholes drilled, over 50 objects detected, containing residues of nuclear activity (RONA). In year 2020 rehabilitation works at the “Experimental Field” site were completed.


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