Preparation for the Experiment

28 April 2020

Under implementation of the three-year international project “Cormit-II” by the National Nuclear Center of RK in cooperation with Japan Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation through Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd., two large-scale experiments RT-11 and RT-12 were planned for conduction at “Lava-B” experimental facility and six small-scale experiments at VChG -135 facility.  

         Currently, preparations for the first experiment are in progress, as a result of which data will be obtained on the process of corium melt interaction with refractory units made of zirconium oxide. The experiment is planned for June 2020.

            For information. “Cormit-II” project is aimed at study of light-water nuclear reactor molten core materials (corium) interaction with heat-resistant materials in case of severe accident. Joint efforts of Kazakhstani and Japanese specialists consist in conduction of series of experiments and material studies of the results of corium interaction with different refractory materials (such as zirconium dioxide and aluminum oxide) in conditions of simulating the residual energy release in corium. The whole practical part of studies is carried out at the experimental base of the National Nuclear Center of RK, located at the territory of “Baikal-1” Research Reactor Complex.


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