Address by Director General of the National Nuclear Center of RK

10 April 2020

Dear Colleagues!

We continue to inform you about the situation in the National Nuclear Center of RK due to spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in many countries.

First of all, I would like to note that coronavirus pandemic has become a serious challenge for the humanity, and now the top-priority task is to provide safety and keep health of people. Thus, we’ve taken a number of preventive measures aimed at minimization of risks of the virus appearance and spread among the employees of our enterprise. This includes either sanitary and epidemiological or organizational measures.

Initially, we have developed an action plan, providing enhanced sanitary-epidemiological regimen in all branches of the enterprise. Promptly and to the sufficient amount a reserve of necessary material stuff was prepared. On every day basis, enterprises monitor health condition of employees. Also, preventive measures are taken: disinfectants and personal protection means are provided, mask regimen is introduced, etc.

Another important measure was a limitation of work contacts among the employees. For this purpose, part of personnel was assigned to distance work, others – to forced dead time, keeping obligatory payments prescribed by collective agreement, and assuring stable operation of the enterprise that is also important. The time passed since the first active measures showed that we are able to be effective in condition of minimal presence of personnel in the office, assure operation of the enterprise under the complicated situation with pandemic danger.

We hope in the nearest future the situation with the coronavirus in the country and region will stabilize, epidemic will reduce, leaving our enterprise unaffected. But still we have to get prepared to a pessimistic option of events. Today we may state that the organizational measures made possible to test the activity of the National Nuclear Center in the most complicated conditions – under quarantine.

And I would like to thank all personnel for patience and overcoming the difficulties arising from change in work regimen, compliance to all requirements and for your understanding and support in the difficult period.

Dear colleagues! Today we observe how the spread of coronavirus influence the world economy and society as a whole: usual life style is changed, economic indicators and forecasts are declining, productivity of various enterprises decreasing.

Under the conditions, our task is to implement all responsibilities under budget programs and international contracts.

At present, due to successful implementation of projects in nuclear power engineering, controlled nuclear fusion technology, radioecology, solution of non-proliferation issues, National Nuclear Center of RK has sufficient financial reserve, which allows us to be confident in future and fulfill our responsibilities.

Given the experience of introduced measures in arrangement of work, which proved to be good, managers of branches are instructed to return some employees from forced dead time or distance work to operation at objects, which require major attention, from April 13, 2020. The work shall be arranged in a way limiting contacts between the employees, keeping all necessary labor conditions. Thus, with changes in usual work mode, adapting to the today’s reality, we keep the development of the enterprise, providing full discharge of obligations.

Colleagues! New conditions require tenacity, patience and complete commitment from each of us. We have an experience of complicated economic situations, and we faced them together with dignity. Only in teamwork, ability to be one-step ahead, the National Nuclear Center of RK has become one of the most successfully developing enterprises of Kazakhstan. Our well-earned international name is approved by a number of international contracts, increasing every year. I believe today we have all the possibilities to overcome economic crisis: financial reserve, unique research base, and the most important – highly qualified and reliable employees. This gives a sense of optimism for the future.

I am sure the situation is going to stabilize, together we will overcome all difficulties.

Take care of you and your family!

                                                                E.G. Batyrbekov