Happy New Year!

30 December 2019

Dear Colleagues! Dear Friends!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the coming New Year!

Seeing off the Old Year, we summarize its results and set ourselves new objectives for the year ahead.

The outgoing 2019 is ended with worthy results.

New agreements and contracts were signed: a 7-year contract with the French Atomic Energy Commissariat and Alternative Energy Sources for the implementation of SAIGA project; contract with JSC Dollezhal NIKIET to conduct testing of fuel of the latest BREST-300 fast-neutron experimental demonstration reactor at the IGR reactor; new Executive Agreement with JAEA company (Japan) for cooperation in scientific research in the field of atomic energy and technology; 2 cooperation agreements with KINAC and KAERI organizations of the Republic of Korea.

Year of 2019 is marked with important events - successful completion of the final stage of physical start-up of KTM facility. Over 10 years, this is the first tokamak of this scale, commissioned in world practice. Thus, the Republic of Kazakhstan entered the top 10 countries possessing advanced research facilities for controlled thermonuclear fusion.

Significant results were achieved by successful implementation of EAGLE-3, CORMIT-2 international projects and conversion of two research reactors. A comprehensive radioecological survey has been carried out for about 70% of the entire STS territory.

There is a lot to say about how we will remember 2019. I hope the passing year was happy and prosperous for all of us.

Dear Colleagues! Let the New Year 2020 will fill every home with kindness and love and meet all of your expectations and dreams! I sincerely wish you and your family good health, prosperity, success in every good deeds and endeavors!

     Erlan Batyrbekov, 

    Director General of RSE NNC RK