Industrial Application of Radiotracers and Gamma Scanning

13 August 2019

Another one European town – Saclay (France) has become a location of scientific training in industrial application of radiotracers and gamma scanning. The training was organized by IAEA at the National Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology of France.  

- The training program consisted of lectures delivered by leading experts of France and Austria in radiation technologies, and practical exercises in gamma scanning and use of radiotracers, - said Eugenia Mustafina, Head of Department for Radiation Studies and Ecosystem Restoration, Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology, – discussion of actual issues regarding the industrial use of radiotracers and gamma scanning, nuances of survey of water supply systems and natural water reservoirs using radiotracers. Also, the training considered the features of radiation safety and statistical data processing.

For information. Radiotracer is a radioactive indicator, which is used in industry and medicine for noninvasive research. For instance, when surveying water reactors or reservoirs.

Scanning of string in petrochemical industry is an example of gamma scanning use.

радиоэкология международное сотрудничество МАГАТЭ ИРБЭ учебный курс Франция

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