Important Aspects of Nuclear Power Development

16 February 2018

Competent personnel availability is very important aspect for successful development of any industry and especially such specific as nuclear power engineering.

National Nuclear Center give special priority to personnel training. Extension courses are organized for the personnel on a regular basis both internal and nominating candidates for special courses.

Enterprise works successfully for a long time with European countries, Japan and CIS countries on personnel preparing for nuclear power sector.

Fund of the First President of RK provides great support for young specialists.

Thus, Igor Sokolov, Engineer of the Laboratory of Thermal Physics for Reactor Facilities of NNC has been currently passing training at Plasma Physics Chair in the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Russian Federation. Grant for training was provided by the Fund of the First President of RK.

          During training Igor will study methods of plasma interaction with plasma facing materials at ITER reactor and other tokamaks, as well as actuality of future researches in this area with Professors of Plasma Physics Chair, MEPhI. Joint experimental works with Plasma Physics Chair MEPhI will be also discussed during the training.

       We believe that new skills will help Igor in his further researches, and established collaboration with colleagues from Russian Federation will enable to introduce new methods and approaches to apply in local laboratory.


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