Outcomes of Training Course Emergency Response Preparedness for Nuclear and Radiation Accidents

19 January 2018

    On January 15 to 19, 2018 the annual Emergency Response Preparedness for Nuclear and Radiation Accidents training course was held in the National Nuclear Center.

    The aim of course is formation of the audience’ overview on timely and effective response measures for radiation emergency situation, enhancing their skills and training of methods for residents’ protection.

    Training course is aimed at specialists who are directly or indirectly engaging in issues and solving of the next practical problems: restoring control of emergency situation; prevention and mitigation of negative consequences of the accident for residents and the environment; prevention of excessive exposure of workers engaged in the accident consequences liquidation.

    Totally theoretical cycle of lections comprising from 15 exercises as well as 2 practical exercises and 1 tabletop exercise was conducted within the training course for the audience. Another important stage of training practice was a visit to the laboratories of the National Nuclear Center. The employers of NNC RK who earlier successfully completed similar courses in Japan (P.G.Korovikov, A.M.Kubenov, A.I.Perepelkin, S.Ye.Sal’menbayev, Ye.S.Tur), as well as specialists from Japan Atomic Energy Agency (M.Savada and Sh.Torata) conducted this course as lecturers and instructors.

    The training course has been conducted annually since 2012 within the Agreement between Japan Atomic Energy Agency and the National Nuclear Center of RK. Over six years, 60 employers of the National Nuclear Center have completed this training course.

   The additional opportunity for the participants of this course is improving of their practical and communicative skills that will be very effective and useful for the further professional activity.

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