Dear Colleagues!

15 December 2017

       Please accept the most sincere congratulations on Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

       December 16th is one of the most significant holidays in our country. Over 26 years, we have built the democratic, legal and economically independent State under the leadership of Nation’s Leader Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. Today, the sustainable growth of all economic sectors, international recognition, and political stability are the cornerstone of Kazakhstan society prosperity.

      National Nuclear Center of RK established at the dawn of independence makes contribution to development of country, successfully implementing Kazakhstan’s policy in the area of peaceful use of atomic energy.  I believe that we will have much endeavors and achievements, new victories and success!

     I congratulate you on upcoming holiday! I wish every house and family health, well-being, wealth and peace!


Erlan Batyrbekov,

Director General

 National Nuclear Center of RK


поздравление День независимости