Concerning Joint Use of Seismic Stations

10 August 2023


A meeting of specialists from the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC, USA) was held at the Center for the Collection and Processing of Special Seismic Information (CCPSSI) in Almaty, during which issues regarding the joint use of Akbulak, Karatau seismic stations and Makanchi infrasound station were discussed. 

Negotiations were also held on the issues of further cooperation and the launch of joint scientific projects as well as the organization of internships for specialists from the NNC RK at AFTAC.  

For the reference. An observational geophysical network of 17 objects (which includes 5 seismic groups), 8 three -component seismic stations, 3 infrasound groups and a magnetic station are under the control of the NNC RK.

All seismic groups and stations are located mainly along the perimeter of the territory of Kazakhstan. The stations are highly sensitive due to the successful choice of seismological conditions in places of their deployment, the installation of equipment in boreholes, reducing the noise level, as well as the complexation of three-component and one-component seismometers. Technical re-equipment is constantly underway with the installation of high-tech equipment, which ensures the stability and performance of the network.

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