Third Annual Meeting of Kazakh Physical Society (KPS)

14 June 2023


In 2023, the venue for third KPS meeting was the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

There were 47 oral presentations and 15 poster sessions, representing the latest achievements in the various fields of modern physics and physical technologies, problems and prospects of further development of relevant areas of physical science, achievements in the field of atomic industry. KPS was supported by the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC).

The speakers included leading scientific organizations and institutions from Kazakhstan, USA, France, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Poland, and other countries.

During the period from June 7-11, plenary and sectional sessions, poster sessions on all physical science themes were held and the participants visited unique facilities of the National Nuclear Center and the former Semipalatinsk Test Site as part of technical tours.

According to the results, the high level of reports submitted and the relevance of the selected themes, as well as the high level of KPS organization were mentioned.

For reference. The annual meeting of the KPS is intended to create a platform for communication, exchange and coordination between scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan engaged in active research in various fields of physics and related sciences.



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