Consolidation of Efforts for Radiation Protection

22 October 2022


National Nuclear Center of RK took part in European Radiation Protection Week (ERPW 2022) held in Estoril, Portugal on October 9-15, 2022.

European Radiation Protection Week is a major annual meeting of experts to address urgent and new topics, interdisciplinary issues in radiation protection, biological dosimetry, emergency preparedness and response, medical and professional dose monitoring.

Integration of Kazakhstan into European research platforms, harmonization of international standards contributes to strengthening of professional relations between research institutes of different countries, exchange of experience in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, new collaborations in the field of biological radiation dose indication.

Scientific program included sessions ERPW2022, some seminars (EURADOS, NERIS, ICRP, EURAMED, etc.), special sessions, manuals/morning lectures, GA platforms and other concurrent working meetings.

The report presented by Laura Kenzhina, Head of Laboratory for Biodosimetry Studies of IRSE, RSE NNC RK aroused great interest and proposals for pilot studies in the field of quantitative assessment of individual absorbed dose for people working at the test site, and the population living at the adjacent territories.


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