Survey of the Former STS Areas

15 August 2022


The Republic of Kazakhstan has all conditions for the organization of the full technological cycle of nuclear power production from uranium ore mining to long-term radioactive waste (RW) storage facilities. The important part of this cycle is an arrangement of RW deep disposal facilities, in which the underground research laboratory is the subject of separate surveys to confirm the RW long-term safe storage at the chosen location of the deep disposal facilities.

 In this regard, specialists from the National Nuclear Center of RK undertook a geophysical and surface geological survey at the former Semipalatinsk test site. Based on the survey findings, Akbota-Vostochnyi, Kos-Shoky, and Granitny were selected as three probable areas for an underground research laboratory and RW disposal.

Toward the end of August 2022, NNC RK specialists will conduct a deep survey of these areas. This will be another contribution to the safe use of peaceful atom.


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