Expanding Horizons in Seismic Monitoring

21 January 2022


         At the end of 2021, specialists of the branch "Institute of Geophysical Research" of RSE NNC RK installed 16 broadband seismic stations in Mangystau region of Western Kazakhstan to study optimization of Mangystau seismic array "MSUAR" location.  A network of such high-tech stations is set up for one year, i.e., till the end of 2022, to obtain a complete and deployed assessment of seasonal seismic noise.

        Since the beginning of 2022, the preparation of a special database for processing has begun, a review of the available velocity models for Western Kazakhstan has been carried out, and specialists are transforming the velocity model for the Mangystau region into a hodograph diagram.

For reference:

Some parts of the Mangystau region of Western Kazakhstan are exceptionally quiet seismologically and are excellent at detecting events from local to teleseismic distances. This region is an excellent candidate for installation of a high-quality seismic array that would improve quantitative seismological monitoring for target regions in Eurasia.



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