Nuclear Monitoring System of Kazakhstan

23 December 2021

In support of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), National Nuclear Center of RK ensures sustainable functioning of national nuclear monitoring infrastructure, which includes 16 stations, Data Center, data collection and communication system, and 5 out of the stations are part of international monitoring system of CTBTO.

International Data Center in Vienna (Austria) uses the data from Kazakhstani stations for comprehensive event evaluation. Performance of Kazakhstani stations’ operations as part of international monitoring system is highly appreciated by CTBTO.

In 2021, over 60 events were monitored within the nearest nuclear test sites – Pokharan (India), Chagai (Pakistan), Lop Nur (China). No seismic events, which could be characterized as nuclear test, have been registered.

Full scope of processing is completed for the real-time data received by Data Center from stations: with preparation of automatic, interactive bulleting of urgent reports.

To find more information about the results of seismic data processing, please proceed the Data Center web-site (

ДВЗЯИ РГП НЯЦ РК ИГИ мониторинг KNDC Казахстанский национальный центр данных Центр сбора и обработки специальной сейсмической информации, ЦСОССИ