Dear Colleagues! Dear veterans!

27 September 2021

Please, accept my warm and sincere congratulations on your professional holiday – the Nuclear Industry Employee Day!

We are proud to contribute to successful development of Kazakhstan’s nuclear industry. And this year is no exception.

Our achievements include the successful implementation of scientific and technical projects under the program of “Nuclear Power Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, in area of controlled thermonuclear fusion technologies, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. A number of operations were conducted jointly with the leading international organizations of Japan, France, Russia, USA and others, including one of the most large-scale projects to convert our two research reactors – IVG.1M and IGR.

A striking example of our efforts in area of radioecology was the completion of comprehensive survey of the entire territory of the Semipalatinsk Test Site by the 30th Anniversary of STS closure. We can now safely say, that we know all about its radioecological status, and it allows us to set new tasks aimed at further improvement the nuclear and radiation safety at the test site and adjacent territories. To solve these new tasks, the Draft Law “On Semipalatinsk Zone of Nuclear Safety” is currently under consideration at RK Governmental level. We expect this draft law will be adopted this anniversary year.

All this suggests that we know how to work and achieve results. But we do not intent to stop on what we have achieved. Our goal – is to further develop our enterprise and achieve new heights.

The same tasks are set by our President Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev in his Message to the People of Kazakhstan “The unity of the people and systemic reforms are a solid basis for the country’s prosperity”, which notes the necessity of developing a safe and environmentally-friendly nuclear power in Kazakhstan, and recognizes the production of “green” hydrogen and hydrogen energy as a promising direction. All this actually opens up new opportunities and new perspectives for us and requires even more responsibility, unity and professionalism.


I thank you for the excellent work! I would like to wish you further success, good health and well-being!

Erlan Batyrbekov,

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