Meeting of Scientific and Technical Council

23 April 2021

On April 21, the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan held the meeting of Scientific and Technical Council, where the council members considered new proposals on scientific-technical strategic programs.

Opening the session, E.G. Batyrbekov – Council Chairman, Director General of RSE NNC RK noted the need in development of new directions and extension of existing scientific research. Nowadays the enterprise intensively strengthen its capacity.

For the recent several months, RSE NNC RK submitted the projects under the competition for grant funding of MSE RK, and 12 projects were approved. Since early 2021 two employees of RSE NNC RK successfully defended their PhD thesis, one of them defended the thesis at international council at Sorbonne University of Paris. The enterprise has established and operating up-to-date laboratory base, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, assuring the possibility to perform various scientific research. The above-mentioned allows the enterprise to successfully contribute to the efforts of Kazakhstan in science development.

Upon the outcomes of the meeting, all pronounced proposals concerning scientific-technical programs, were considered relevant and recommended for further elaboration and presentation as projects for target program funding.


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