Radioecological Monitoring of Water Environment

29 July 2020

One of the way to control the concentration of radionuclides in water is radioecological monitoring of water environment, the most important and integral part of which is determination of local “background” concentration of radionuclides. Comparison of radiation measurement results with the results of determination of background values enable to determine unfavorable trends in change of environment quality, to build the forecast of the change development and if necessary, to develop the appropriate managerial decisions to reduce the negative impact on environment.

These researches have been carried out by National Nuclear Center of RK since 2018. The studies conducted earlier for Irtysh, Bukhtarma, Ulba, Shar, Ayagoz rivers and also for Bukhtarma and Shulbinsk water reservoirs and Zaisan lake showed that obtained data on background concentrations of natural and artificial radionuclides in water of East-Kazakhstan oblast became a part of territory for continental waters that 2-4 times higher the intervention level according to Hygienic standards established in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In July 2020, the work in Markakol and Dubygalinskoye lakes were continued. During the field trip, samples of water and bottom sediments to define chemical, radionuclide and elemental composition were taken.