Happy Capital Day!

03 July 2020

                                                                                   Dear colleagues!

Please, accept my sincere congratulations on the national holiday - Capital Day!

For the short historical period, the City turned into the center of political, economic and cultural life, became a symbol of dynamically developing Kazakhstan, a guarantor of friendship and unity of our multi-ethnic and multi-confessional country.

Let the Capital of Kazakhstan - Nur-Sultan grow and prosper!

On this holiday, I wish you health, success and happiness, peace and prosperity for every family!



Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation has not changed in a positive direction. Confirmed COVID-19 cases have been identified among other members of RSE NNC RK, therefore, it is particularly now to comply with all sanitary measures, social distancing regulations and whenever possible to reduce the number of visits to the crowded places and movements outside the city.

We have a long forthcoming weekend, stay at home and enjoy these holidays with your family!

Take care of yourself and your family!


Director General E.G. Batyrbekov

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