Control of the Basic Characteristics of X-Ray Apparatus

25 June 2020

The National Nuclear Center of RK continue operations in Kazakhstani medical institutions dealing with Х-ray apparatus basic characteristics control, directly affecting the accuracy of the diagnostics made.

This type of monitoring is the most important effort to estimate the current status and operation quality of the equipment. After all, a dose received by patient, and in some cases by radiotherapist, will depend on equipment operation quality.

According to regulatory requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan the control of X-ray equipment performance parameters should be carried out not only periodically, depending on the type of X-ray apparatus during normal operation, but following each repair operation done.

The National Nuclear Center of RK possess all necessary permission documents for execution of the mentioned type of control (license, accreditation), as well as modern equipment, enabling to execute invasive control without disturbing electronic circuit and units of equipment. Control is executed by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience who have participated in international trainings.

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