Individual Dosimetry Control

28 May 2020

One of the activities of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the provision of individual dosimetry control services.

The available equipment allows you to determine individual doses from external beta, gamma, X-ray and neutron radiation as for the whole body so for individual organs and tissues (wrist, eye lens), that provides control of external doses in all areas of ionizing radiation sources use: from medical applications to work at nuclear power plants and nuclear reactors.

To provide dosimetry control for personnel it is used a high-quality Thermo system operating in automatic mode that allows to mitigate human factor and increase quality and speed of large data set processing.

Individual dosimetry control should be carried out in all organizations involving ionizing radiation sources. This allows you to track the dose of external exposure to the personnel involving directly in work using ionizing radiation sources as well as take the necessary timely measures for workers’ exposure protection.

Since 2009, the National Nuclear Center of RK has been providing individual dosimetry monitoring services to third parties. The transfer and collection of dosimeters is carried out using courier service on a “from hand to hand” principle that allows us to provide this type of service throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan, regardless of the organization location. Within the incomplete first half of 2020, dosimetry monitoring was provided for 54 organizations of Kazakhstan.