National Nuclear Center of RK (Kazakhstan) and JSC “Research and Development Institute of Power Energy named after N.A. Dollezhalya” (Russia) Signed an Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation

24 May 2017

The Agreement was signed on May 19, 2017 during conduction of the International Seminar, dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the National Nuclear Center established by Decree of the Head of the State.

Pursuant to this Agreement Parties have agreed to cooperate on the following directions: obtaining of experimental information on fuel pins and MNUP-fuel behavior in conditions of fast processes accompanied by power increase, determination of medium-radial enthalpy of MNUP-fuel and fuel pin at RU BREST-OD-300, data obtaining on cost codes verification, describing fuel pins behavior in condition of reactivity increase.

The following activities will be performed under this Agreement: development of technical tasks, work programs and tests; development of irradiation device design and fuel pin model; substantiation of experiments safety; production of irradiation devices and fuel pin models; conduction of reactor experiments at IGR reactor with fuel pin models of BREST-OD-300 with new fuel in rapid power increase mode; conduction of reactor experiments to define limit medium-radial enthalpy of fuel at BREST-OD-300 reactor; conduction of non-destructive post-reactor studies in the Republic of Kazakhstan; conduction of reactor experiments at IGR reactor using BREST-OD-300 fuel pin models with irradiated fuel after achievement of fuel burnup design value.

Publication of joint articles and reports are planning to be carried out under the current Agreement as well as effect cooperation on personnel training in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

международное сотрудничество ИГР БРЕСТ-ОД-300