Happy Nauryz Holiday!

20 March 2020

Dear Colleagues!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on one of the oldest and honorable holiday – Nauryz Meiramy!

         This day represents a continuous connection of time and generations, peace and kindness, symbolizes the vernal equinox, brings to our lives a new energy of creation and development.

A deep sense of spring holiday is particularly relevant today, when the world is confronting the new challenges – we have witnessed a coronavirus outbreak turn into a global pandemic. And today it is important for us to demonstrate unity and mutual understanding, compassion and patience. Increase domestic responsibility for our actions during these difficult circumstances, with which, I believe, we collectively will succeed. 

On this festive day, I wish you and your families good health and well-being, welfare and happiness! Let Nauryz give everyone faith to successful realization of the intended plans!