Results of NNC RK Delegation’s visit to Japan

06 December 2019

The RK National Nuclear Center’s delegation headed by Mr. Erlan Batyrbekov, Director General, attended 20th Ministerial Level Meeting of FNCA (Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia).

The meeting course included FNCA participants’ program presentations, reports, and a round table discussion for the topic: “Application of radiation technologies in public health and medicine”.

Making a report for the Forum participants, Erlan Batyrbekov emphasized significant importance of nuclear technologies developed under FNCA activities, for the Pacific Asian region, since they create new possibilities as developments in medicine, new unique materials, improve public life quality, and serve to strengthen power sector of economy and contribute to the combat against climate change.

Agenda of the meeting covered an important event – award of the best research team of the year. The winner is Kazakhstan team with the project: “Radiation processing and polymer modification”.

Also, during the visit to Japan, NNC RK delegation held a number of meetings with companies of JAEA, Toshiba Corp. and Marubeni Utility Services, where the participants discussed prospective science and technology projects.

Mr. Goro Yanase, Vice-President of Toshiba Company, noted resulting quality and practical value of the works performed under CORMIT-2 Project, and expressed his gratitude to the NNC RK for cooperation in solving a considerable safety increase issue of nuclear reactors operating in Japan, which contributes to positive solution for their restart.

Meeting with JAEA resulted in signing new executive Agreement on cooperation on scientific research in nuclear power and technologies, determining field and scope of cooperation between the organizations for next five years.

Besides, the discussion covered cooperative efforts in nuclear fast reactor safety and personnel training in nuclear industry. The parties expressed content with the present status and results of cooperation. President of Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Mr. Toshio Kodama, mentioned great capabilities of NNC RK experimental base for researches in various aspects of severe accidents and emphasized success of EAGLE-3 Project, which was commenced in March 2015. The results obtained from the current third phase of the project are used for evaluation of JOYO fast research reactor safety.

международное сотрудничество FNCA Япония JAEA TOSHIBA