New analytical device “Pyrolyser-6 Trio”

19 November 2019

Within the project on technical cooperation with IAEA, NNC RK received a new analytical device “Pyrolyser-6 Trio”.

The device is specially designed and tested for effective and fast extraction of tritium and 14C radionuclides, as well as other volatile radionuclides, which among other things are formed in the environment during nuclear weapon test. Using “Pyrolyser-6 Trio”, the extraction of tritium and 14C radionuclides is possible from any materials and objects such as soil, bottom sediments, food products, biota, construction materials, metals and bio probes for the purpose of further analysis of obtained samples by beta-spectrometry method.

This equipment will be used to perform research work and to study the radiation situation in areas exposed to radioactive contamination, as well as to carry out radiation monitoring and control of environmental objects.

радионуклиды активность модель Медицина