Тhird session of the Group of Governmental Experts

10 April 2019

On April 8 the third session of the Group of Governmental Experts – Secretary-General Advisors initiated its work in the UN Office considering the role of verification in advancing nuclear disarmament, in which E.G. Batyrbekov, Director General of RSE NNC RK participates on behalf of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Pursuant to the mandate established in the UN General Assembly resolution the current session is final and devoted to summarization of the Group work. Expecting the third session the draft final document was prepared by experts basing on discussions during the previous sessions, earlier developed and presented in form of papers and working materials. Besides descriptive part, specifying the basic provisions on nuclear disarmament verification, currently available international experience in area of verification, as well as capacity building possibility in this area, the experts should formulate main conclusions on the work performed and make recommendations on development of nuclear disarmament regime.

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