Research Reactors Conversion

22 February 2019

Under the International Nuclear Weapon Nonproliferation initiative operations have been performing in the Republic of Kazakhstan on research reactors conversion to low enriched uranium fuel. Experimental water cooled technological channels with low enriched uranium fuel (WCTC-LEU) were produced in FSUE SRI SIA “Luch” (Russia) for IVG.1M reactor conversion. Currently operational testing of two WCTC-LEU is carried out in IVG.1M reactor. These and other issues were subject of discussion at the meeting of NNC RK and FSUE SRI SIA “Luch” representatives. The meeting agenda included status of operations on 2 experimental WCTC-LEU within IVG.1M research reactor core and presentation of work results on incoming inspection of 4 WCTC LEU.

международное сотрудничество ИВГ 1.M исследовательские реакторы няц рк Конверсия

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