National Nuclear Center Received a Certificate on Compliance with ISO Standard Requirements

20 December 2018

Each company or enterprise looks towards improving its performance whether in respect to an increase of market share, improve the image, reputation and investment attraction of the enterprise.

In connection with the above stated within the period from November 13 to November 16 of the current year RSE “National Nuclear Center” of RK was attended by the group of technical experts and experts-auditors for the purpose of certified audit execution to confirm the enterprise compliance with the quality management system, environmental management requirement of ST RK ISO 9001-2016 (ISO 9001:2015), ST RK ISO 14001- 2016 (ISO 14001:2015) standards.

Four-day audit was executed by the “National Center for Expertise and Certification” JSC, Semey city. After complete analysis performance the group of experts concluded that RSE on ECR “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan” has entered and successfully applies the quality management system and environment management system in accordance with requirements of standardization.

The enterprise management and its big and friendly collective fully demonstrated their ability to accomplish coordinated requirements established for services within application area of QMS, and has provided the evidence of their commitment to all management systems functioning.


Complex audit resulted in issuance of the certificate of conformity of quality management system, state system of technical regulation of RK for RSE NNC RK for the subsequent three years.


Successful completion of audit in the area of quality is an extra assurance for our partners in the enterprise quality and reliability and professional competence of its members, and environment management certificate demonstrates our enterprise responsible attitude towards the environment, increasing competitiveness of the company in the eyes of consumers, investors and the public.


Reference: ISO is the best known international standard of the Quality Management System, which guide the work of more than million organizations all over the world.

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