Grant Funded Works

13 July 2018

                                                                          Grant Funded Works

In 2018, as part of financial grants program, the Contract for implementation of the research works was concluded between Committee of Science MES RK and RSE NNC RK.

Within the period of 2018 to 2020, the important research works are scheduled to be carried out at science and technology base of NNC RK upon three scientific high-priority projects: “Development of Tritium Obtaining Technology in TNR Blanket with “Lead-Lithium Eutectic Li15.7Pb”, “Properties and Characteristics of Reactor Core Materials obtained at the Base of IGR Reactor”, “Development of Thermographic Measurements Method for TNR First Wall Candidate Materials Surface and Its Implementation at the Material Study Tokamak KTM Reactor”.

Moreover, under this Agreement, a positive decision was made to fund the grant for the project "Improving the Method of Irradiated Beryllium Dry Cleaning "

In June, at the meeting of the Scientific Technical Council of IAE NNC RK Branch, the board members discussed in detail the calendar work plans for the grant projects, and also gave a detailed report on the progress of the work done on this priority.

It was noted that active development of newly implemented projects has now begun. All research work is carried out strictly in accordance with the schedule.

In particular, an analytical review of hydrogen isotopes interaction with a lead-lithium eutectic was carried out; the existing literature data on the structure and properties of melts obtained under out-of-pile reactor conditions are analyzed; a theoretical calculation substantiation of using the proposed method of thermographic measurements is carried out; key parameters of irradiated beryllium cleaning technology were determined.  

A notable feature of these projects is the fact that young scientists and specialists from the National Nuclear Center have become the performers of research activities. The activities are conducted under methodical support of experienced employees of the enterprise.

This succession practice proved to be very successful, as evidenced by the previously successfully completed in 2015-2017 eleven grant projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.





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