Visit of Specialists from Idaho National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) and RDC “SOSNY” (Russia)

22 June 2018

         On June 19-20, 2018 regular meeting of specialists from Idaho National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA), RDC “SOSNY” (RF) and National Nuclear Center of RK was held under the Project of preparation for possible return of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from NNC research reactors to Russia.

         During working meeting foreign specialists headed by Igor Bolshinskiy, Project Manager, visited NNC reactor complexes, where discussed preparatory issues on possible transportation of highly enriched uranium (HEU) fuel from IVG.1M and IGR research reactors.

          The meeting agenda included issues on development of HEU spent fuel management technologies from IVG.1M reactor, preparation for HEU non-irradiated fuel enrichment reduction from IGR reactor, assessment of HEU irradiated fuel processing possibility from IGR reactor by NNC specialists and others.

         Significant progress was achieved while identifying the main solutions on NNC RK research reactor sites preparation for highly enriched fission materials quantity reduction available there.

         During working meeting Head of American delegation I.M. Bolshinskiy awarded E.G. Batyrbekov, Director General of NNC RK, with memorial sign in honour of 10 Anniversary of RRRFR Program (Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return).


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