Reliable Partners

01 June 2018

         TOSHIBA and Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd. Japanese companies visited the National Nuclear Center of RK with the purpose to discuss prospects of Kazakhstan-Japan further cooperation in peaceful uses of atomic energy. Yanase Goro, Vice-President of TOSHIBA company headed the delegation.

         Technical tours were organized for Japanese specialists to the Complex of Research Reactors “Baikal-1” and Kazakhstani Material Testing Tokamak KTM. Technical meeting was also hold to review results of joint researches and new scientific projects were discussed.

         It should be noted, that Kazakhstan-Japan cooperation in peaceful uses of atomic energy has been continuing for more than 20 years. During this period unique researches were carried out at experimental base of NNC RK, projects were implemented on study “severe” accidents and their consequences elimination.

Particularly, researches were carried out with TOSHIBA and Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd to substantiate structures and techniques on solidified core melt fragments removal from damaged reactors at “Fukushima-1” NPP.

As a result of simulation experiments core melt of “Fukushima-1” NPP damaged reactor was obtained in the National Nuclear Center, and researches were carried out on its physical and chemical properties study. Upon experiment results a number of recommendations were developed for Japanese colleagues on solidified core melt handling at “Fukushima-1” NPP.

CORMIT Project was realized also in collaboration with above mentioned Japanese companies directed at experimental researches on water cooled reactor core melt interaction with different high temperature protective materials for the melt sub-reactor trap.

Currently, Contract on works continuation under the second stage of CORMIT-2 Project has been negotiating and preparing to be signed, planned for the period of three financial years.

международное сотрудничество Япония Фукусима CORMIT TOSHIBA Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd