Visit of Students from A&M University (Texas)

01 June 2018

Heads of departments and specialists from USA Embassy in Astana, as well as Doctor Kenneth Lee Peddicord, the Director of the Nuclear Power Institute, Texas University with students from A&M University visited the National Nuclear Center of RK.

They visited the STS museum, “Experimental Field” site and unique research base of NNC RK: Complex of Research Reactors “Baikal-1” (RRC IVG1.M), RRC IGR, Tokamak KTM.

IVG.1M research reactor is the experimental facility, that enables to carry out studies, addressing tasks directed at testing of fuel assemblies’ structures and their elements; testing different types FA under operating and emergency modes; reactor testing for structural materials of nuclear and thermonuclear reactors; study the different materials behavior in conditions of reactor irradiation; different materials irradiation for further researches.

IGR – is a pulse research nuclear reactor on thermal neutrons with homogeneous uranium-graphite core. Studies that have been conducting at IGR reactor, as a rule, are connected with experimental information obtaining on high-rate physical and thermal processes at nuclear reactors, testing objects operability in transient and emergency conditions, behavior of fuel and structural materials to substantiate safety of systems and elements at nuclear power facilities.

During Tokamak KTM visiting it was noted, that research program implementation at the complex will enable to practice methods on structural material testing and create measurement methodic base, as well as industrial and technological basis for production of new generation, competitive high technology products on a world-wide basis in sphere of nuclear power, machine-building and power-generating equipment.

For reference: upon website data Wikipedia Texas A&M University (A&M or TAMU) — is a higher educational institution, located in College Station city in Texas, USA. The University is the leading higher educational institution of A&M[en] University system, the seventh biggest University in USA, and the largest one in Texas [8][9].

СИП Токамак ИВГ 1.M ИГР студенты визит США