Nuclear Professionals Training

28 March 2018

                                                                   Nuclear Professionals Training

       Within the framework of Bilateral Agreement between Shakarim State University and the National Nuclear Center of RK, as well as for achieving practical results in Nuclear Professionals training, the regular meeting of Young Scientists Council and NNC Specialists with second-year students of “Technical Physics and Thermal Power Sector” department was held in the second half of March 2018 in order to nominate them for the work-based experience in the National Nuclear Center of RK.

      Examination stages for nomination to the work-based experience are realized upon the elaborated program consisting from 4 main blocks: detailed presentation of NNC RK activity, technical physics tasks solution, essay writing (motivational aspect for the training) and individual interview for each candidate in three languages.

  After the passing of comprehensive examination, the results would be assessed and impact on nomination of students to the work-based experience in the National Nuclear Center of RK.

    Separately worth noting that the career guidance realized by Young Scientists Council and Specialists of NNC RK has a systematic character and such work is already under way since the school years. Council Members regularly conduct not only the excursions but various events for the high school students. In the course of exciting communication, high school students are familiarized with the concept of nuclear power engineering; the basic foundations of its security; and the professions that are in demand in the relevant sector.

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