Control over Operational Parameters of Х-Ray Equipment

16 March 2018

National Nuclear Center of RK performs works on X-ray equipment (medical, screening) operational parameters in medical and closed correctional institutions of the East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Karaganda, North Kazakhstan and Aktubinsk regions. The “geography” of works includes Almaty region starting from 2018.

Control over X-ray equipment operational parameters is carried out on contractual basis on site with subsequent submission of protocols with indication of measured characteristics and conclusion on compliance with regulatory requirements.

In 2017 total of 328 x-ray diagnostic apparatus were inspected, 88% of which did not have any deviations from RK regulatory requirements, the rest 12% were not admitted to the further operation unless failure restoration.

Total of 48 units of x-ray diagnostic and screening equipment were inspected during the first quarter of 2018, among which deviations were registered on one apparatus only.

        What does control over operational parameters mean?  

First of all, control exercise over x-ray apparatus, affecting the image quality and, accordingly, accuracy of diagnostic data, as well as radiation dose level for patient and personnel. This kind of control is the most important activity on equipment status assessment and operation quality. And finally, dose obtained by patient and in some cases by radiotherapist will depend on the quality of equipment.

First requirements on this kind of control were introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2008 and included in “Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements to Radiation Hazardous Objects”. These requirements are subject to the following parameters: consistency, precision and accuracy of anode voltage and exposition time, radiation output of X-ray tube, radiation beam geometry and photo process control.

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