NNC RK Research Reactors Conversion to Low-Enriched Uranium

20 February 2018

      On February 15 Seminar “IVG.1M Reactor Characteristics Upgrade after Conversion. Preliminary Results of VOTK-LEU Testing” was held in Almaty.      

      RSE NNC RK organized Seminar with participation of Russian and American scientific centers such as JSC “Science and Innovations”, SIA “LUCH” RF, NIKIET RF, Argonne National Laboratory USA. Heads of delegations started the official opening with greeting remarks and wishes of fruitful work, experience exchange and mutual cooperation to seminar participants. 

       Scientific program included reports on VOTK-LEU testing results and experimental possibilities of IVG.1M after its conversion. Possible options for reactor modernization and characteristics upgrade were also discussed.

       Moreover, consultations with Russian and American partners upon existing projects on NNC RK reactors conversion were held within the framework of seminar.

Final seminar protocol was prepared by participants of the meeting at the end of fruitful working period.

международное сотрудничество ИВГ 1.M

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