NNC RK Director General Scholarship has been Established

29 December 2017

In 2017 NNC RK Director General Scholarship has been established for the first time to support and promote young scientists and specialists in their active scientific and production work.

Pursuant to Scholarship Provision basing on presented papers, the Commission selected applicants upon results of which 12 young members of the enterprise will have allowance every month during 2018 at the rate of 30 000 tenge.

List of winners:

Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology:

  1. Zarina Beysembayevna SERZHANOVA – “Study of Tritium Speciation Forms in Soil of Radiation Hazardous Objects at STS (method development and improvement)”
  2. Daulet Muratuly SATIEV – “Artificial Radionuclides Distribution upon Soil Particle-Size Fractions in Soil Vertical Profile at “Experimental Field” Site”
  3. Togzhan Shalkaruly TOKTAGANOV – “Study the Mechanisms to Form Water Objects at STS by Isotope Hydrology Technique”
  4. Amir Erlanovich KAIRZHANOV – “Development of 3D trips to STS”

Institute of Atomic Energy:

  1. Ernat Abilkhairovich KOZHAKHMETOV – “Study the Structural Change and Material Corrosion Stability for Spent Fuel Assembly Casing in BN-350 Reactor as a Result of Thermal and Mechanic Effect”
  2. Kuanysh Kanatuly SAMAKHANOV – “Study of Inert Gaseous Mixtures Spectral-Luminescent Properties, Excited by Ionizing Radiation”
  3. Nurzhan Erolovich MUKHAMEDOV – “Study the Parameters of Reactor Core Melt Materials Thermal Interaction with Construction Elements”
  4. Alexey Dmitrievich GRECHANIC – “Water-Cooled Reactor Corium High Temperature Interaction with Construction Materials during Heavy Accidents”
  5. Valentin Konstantinovich TSKHE – “Calculation Method on Reactivity Reserve, Needed for IGR Reactor Start-Up in “Impulse” Mode”
  6.  Nurbolat Aidynovich SULEYMENOV – “Mode Selection Substantiation for Fuel Assembly Operation in Conditions of Emergency Loading during Tests in NNC RK Reactors”
  7. Igor Andreevich SOKOLOV – “Development of Tungsten Film Coating Method”
  8. Arman Zhanarbekovich MINIYAZOV – “Study the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Plasma Facing Constructional Materials for Thermonuclear Reactor after Thermal, Plasma Radiation and Mechanical Loading”


Intermediate control will be performed in the course of the year upon work progress and results will be reviewed at Scientific and Technical Council meeting.