Press tour of Republican Mass Media

10 November 2023


    A press tour of the republican mass media to the facilities of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan was conducted. The research workers provided information about significant projects being carried out at the enterprise in the fields of nuclear power, thermonuclear fusion, and radioecology. Special attention was paid to the safety issues of modern nuclear power engineering; in particular, one of the main competencies of NNC RK is work on improving the safety of promising and currently used nuclear power reactors, which the enterprise conducts with practically all developers and suppliers of nuclear power technologies from around the world.

The photo shows a visit to the Baikal-1 Research Reactor Complex, located in the territory of the former STS.


СМИ молодые ученые и специалисты научно-исследовательское оборудование РГП НЯЦ РК атомная энергетика безопасность реактора популяризация науки и атомной отрасли КИР «Байкал-1» пресс-тур