International Conference on Radiation Application

12 June 2023


RAP-2023 International Conference on Radiation Application attended by researchers and specialists in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation applications and other related fields was held at the Hellenic Center for Marine Research in Anavissos.

During the Conference, the National Nuclear Center of RK presented a paper "Sr-90 Influence on Plant Variability".

Also NNC specialists took part in the meeting on IAEA project “Improving Coastal Zones of the Mediterranean, Caspian, Black and Aral Seas using nuclear analytical methods” to discuss the importance of assessing current ecological and radiation conditions of the above-mentioned seas.

As noted, today nuclear analytical methods allow not only to analyze the current ecological state of ecosystems of the seas, but also to estimate the water balance and calculate the sedimentation rate of bottom sediments necessary for further forecasting of environmental and climatic changes.

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