Results of XVIII International Scientific Conference

21 April 2023


Upon the results of XVIII International Scientific Conference for students, graduate students and young specialists “Lomonosov – 2023”, Ms. Dina Biyakhmetova, specialist of RK National Nuclear Center, received her diploma of II degree for the presented paper: “Study into background rate of unstable chromosome aberrations in kazakhstanian population”.

Letters of recognition for the active participation in the conference were awarded to Ms. Olessya Marchenko for the paper: “Modern concepts of methods for determining organically bound tritium in natural environments”, and Ms. Rinata Ermakova for the paper: “Study into vertical distribution of radionuclide contamination in bottom sediments of water bodies at the Semipalatinsk test site”.

Congratulations! We are sure the greater achievements and conquests lies ahead!


поздравление ИРБЭ РГП НЯЦ РК дипломы и грамоты Ломоносов -2023 научная конференция