The 18th Technical Meeting under the EAGLE-3 Project

12 December 2022


            As part of Kazakhstan-Japan research program EAGLE-3, the 18th technical meeting with specialists of Japan Atomic Energy Agency took place in the National Nuclear Center.

The program aims to solve issues to justify the safety of sodium-cooled fast reactors.

Experts discussed the material studies of the solidified melt resulting from the out-of-pile experiment FDCO-8 and in-pile experiment ID-6.

The FDCO-8 experiment was conducted for obtaining data on the parameters of the melt movement along the guide pipe of the control rod with a modified sodium flow setting device.

Processes of cooling core molten materials that have moved along the drain pipe into an area with a limited amount of heat carrier and presenting there under conditions of residual energy discharge were studied during the ID-6 experiment. 

The plans for post-experimental studies of the experimental device ID-7 were also considered. In particular, such issues as the cutting scheme of the main units and elements, and the subsequent material studies were taken into account.

After this meeting, Japanese side highly appreciated the efforts made and the achieved results.





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