Implementation of HEU-Fuel Transportation Program

14 September 2022


Delegation from National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan headed by Director General, Mr. Erlan Batyrbekov, participated annual technical meeting in Plzen (Czech Republic) for implementation of HEU-fuel transportation program, where attendees from over 15 states met to exchange experience in repatriation of HEU-fuel from research reactors to the country of origin.

On the margins of the meeting, NNC RK delegation has held a meeting with Idaho National Laboratory (INL, USA) representatives to consider the status of NNC RK’s research reactors conversion, and further management of HEU-fuel recovered from IGR and IVG.1M.


международное сотрудничество ИВГ 1.M ИГР Чехия США РГП НЯЦ РК высокообогащенное (ВОУ) топливо Национальная лаборатория Айдахо